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Play all your favorite videos from your own subscription from your mobile device to your tv with a swipe. Connect your wearable device and monitor your heart rate and caloric burn on the big screen.
An all-in-one IOS and Android app.


GPXVision content

Designed using the latest in both mobile and web technology users are free to connect to their YouTube, Vimeo or other 3rd Party accounts. Group Fitness Instructors are able to create custom playlists of videos for group workouts. Users are free to watch videos on their mobile device anywhere. The options are Limitless.

Free &
Your Own

mobile integration

mobile control

NO Kiosk Necessary. Connect to your personal YouTube and Vimeo accounts through one app. Workout anywhere or cast it to your facilities big screen. When you're finished share your virtual instructor led workout with facebook friends.

Take it every where you need to be, home, office or on-the-go.

wearable connectivity

You'll never miss a step when you connect your wearable device to GPXVision. Connect up to 10 other friends wearable devices on the big screen.

H.E.L.I.X smart system

At the core of GPXVision is our proprietary H.E.L.I.X platform. Helix is the bridge connecting not only just GPXVision but other online virtual fitness applications.

Custom Integration

Intelligent Large Screen Projection Control

Remote Class Scheduling

Complete Administrative Control

how it work

The Room

Offer more for less. Provide guided fitness entertainment as an amenity without the high cost and liability of live instructors.

All you need is an awesome TV, Internet, and GPXVision. NO monthly Fees, 24/7 monitoring, and User assistance without any hidden costs of Premium Video Fees.

The App

Free and easy to use - Download it to your IOS or Android device - Select your favorite video source - Choose which video to play - then Swipe-up to play on the Big Screen

At-Home or On-the-Go

Stream all of your workouts for those times you can't make it to the gym. Connect to your Home Chromecast or AppleTV device, coming soon Roku

Installation Requirements

Customer supplied internet connection with a minimum of 4Mbp/s ethernet speed and power outlets located within 5ft of the TV placement

The HELIX component is mounted and hidden behind the TV and connected via HDMI. We recommend 70" screen sizes for best user experience. Automated projection systems are controllable via HELIX.

The Digital Soundbar is generally located below and connect to the TV

Your System is ready!


GPXVision is powered by the H.E.L.I.X Platform. HELIX is designed to integrate 3rd party applications with GPXVision.

What this means: Do you have an app or application that you would like to cast up to the big screen in a group setting.

Our team of engineers help integrate your application into our ECO-System of applications.


what people say

“ Finally something simple and easy to use for all the videos I like. I can even play my own spotify music and turn the video sound off. ”
Janie M.


“ Being able to play my own video playlist in my group fitness classes without having to setup my laptop is awesome ”
Jimmy M.


“ Having all my Vimeo subscription allows me to watch more than just fitness videos when I work out.”
Loraine F.



common questions

NO, GPXVision connects users to their personal video subscriptions for playback. GPXVision includes a standard video library for users to freely use, elliminating the need for expensive commercial video licensing.

YES, The GPXVision app connects to the HELIX bridge which is connectable to most modern A/V system via HDMI.

60 videos come standard when you download the app. There are a variety of video genres including, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Kickboxing, Dance, and more.

No, However if you would prefer to have a kiosk station we can provide your facility with a wall mounted tablet sized kiosk. Optionally you're allowed to download GPXVision to your own Tablet Kiosk.

pricing plan

Our team of engineers can provide you with a complete package designed specifically for your facility.

Contact your local dealer for more information.

Mobile APP


  • Free Updates
  • Custom Playlists
  • Unlimited Youtube
  • Unlimited Vimeo
  • 60 GPXVision Videos
  • Wearable Support
GPXVision Commercial Package
call for more info or contact your local dealer


  • HELIX Smart system
  • 1 yr. software updates
  • 27/7 system monitoring
  • online system support
  • optional live tech support


  • 70" FlatScreen TV
  • Digital Soundbar
  • Wall Mount

Download now GPXVision App!

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NOTE, GPXVision will be released to the public March 2017

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